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  • Q How many types of blow molding machines can Yankang offer?

    Yankang has a wide range of products and the main products are 200L to 25000L water tank blow molding machines.
    Followed by road rarriers, plastic pallets, double ring drums, IBC tanks, kayaks, solar liners, rain buckets, mobile toilets, trash and other blow molding equipments.
    Yankang has never stopped the pace of research and development and innovation. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to put forward our company’s excellent suggestions and new projects for the development of cooperation in order to optimize our design and enrich our product range.
  • Q What is the difference between blow molding and other moldings?

    The current market for large containers adopts rolling process. High energy consumption and high pollution.Moreover, the quality is poor and the product cost is high.
    Compared to rotational molding products, blow molding products have the following advantages:
    1. Blow molding products have high strength;
    2. Product weight can be reduced by 30%;
    3. Manpower can be reduced by 50%;
    4. The unit energy consumption is reduced by 68%;
    5. The output increased by 70 times;
    6. Safety, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Q What should pay attention to when the blow molding machine shuts down?

    In the process of production, blow molding machine should stop operation timely when maintenance,mold changing and unexpected circumstances etc.
    When blow molding machine shut down:
    Firstly tum the button of speeding adjusting to zero position, then the speed of motor will be reduced quickly and stop.
    Press the stop button, stop AC drives or inverter output, if the machine shut down for a long time, turn off general power for AC drive and inverter.
    At the end of each processes, push out the melt material in the accumulator by manual operation.
    Switch off the hydraulic pump motor, the total power source, air compressor and the cooling water.
  • Q What should pay attention to when the blow molding machine starts up?

    You can start running the machine when machine-heating time is enouch.
    1)Test machine in dry cycle(without product). make sure all movements are correct and no unexpected collision.
    2) Start extruders in low speed. 10HZ-15HZ is suggested. Observe the motor ampere. Extruders automatically stop if ampere goes beyond the limit, extruder will stop. Please recheck each heating zone.
    3)Make sure all heaters working correctly. Increase heating time or improve heating temperature if necessary.
  • Q What preparation does the blow molding machine need before starting up?

    1.Clean and lubricate the movement parts, such as guide rail, Chains and rack rod;
    2.Check every fastener whether it is loose;
    3.Check whether there’s someone in risky area before start up the main hydraulic pump:
    1) Check the heating temperature. Total heating time is12-16 hours for die head and 4-6 hours for extruder;
    Notice: Heating time is different of different model machine. Please ask the training engineer for details of heating time.
    2) Check whether the autoloader in working condition. Clean the filters each shift;
    3) Check the air compressor pressure. 0.8mpa 1 Mpa. Drain out the water of air storage tank and water separator;
    4) Check the water pressure of mold and extruders. Make sure cooling circulation is ok;
    5) Check the raw matenal for blow molding which should match the technical requirements;
    6) Check cooling water and pneumatic system, Make sure water and air is unblocked and no leakage;
    7) Operator should have professional training so that ensure the machine running normally.


As a professional blow molding machine manufacturer, Yankang has always been committed to the development and production of large hollow blow molding equipment.



Tel / WhatsApp:  +86 18669866209
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